Arabic Langauge Technology Center "ALTEC" 

Data for Automatic Arabic Essay Questions Grading

  • The data set can be used as a benchmark for automatic Arabic essay questions grading as it contains a collection of students' answers and grades for Arabic essay questions.

  • Data set questions cover only one chapter of the official Egyptian curriculum for Environmental Science subject.

  • The data set consists of 61 questions and 610 answers, 10 answers per each question.

  • Number of students who answered the questions was about 25 where questions were distributed randomly.

  • The data set supports 4 types of essay questions:

    • Define the scientific terms.

    • Explain.

    • What are the consequences of.

    • Why.

  • Answers were scored by two specialists who gave marks with values between 0 and 5.

  • The questions, model answers and students' answers are all translated using Google Translate API to support both Arabic and English languages.

  • The data set is available in 3 formats Microsoft Access Database, MySQL Database and Text Files.

  • You are free to download the data set for non-commercial research and educational purposes.

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