Arabic Langauge Technology Center "ALTEC" 

Named Entity Corpus

Detecting Named Entities is valuable in several natural language applications for example, automatic text summarization, information retrieval, information extraction, question answering and machine translation.

Because of the lack of this type of information, ALTEC has built this language resource to support research on Named Entity detection in Arabic. After consulting almost all available tag sets for Named Entities, ALTEC has built its own tag set to suite the nature of Arabic. Also a tool was designed to tackle the annotation tasks.

Name entity Corpus (Commercial 1500$- Academy 150$)

Academic version contains the basic version of the databases, and the commercial version contains the full version of the databases.

Egyptian companies listed on the ITIDA and academia interested in the full version will enjoy 20% discount.

ALTEC members enjoy 10% discount.

Related files to Named Entity Corpus

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