Arabic Langauge Technology Center "ALTEC" 

OCR Handwriting Database

Collected handwriting samples from 1000 individual. These individuals have been selected so that the group contains a balanced representation of:

- Female and male.

- All ages.

- Writing with left hand and right hand

The ALTEC On-Line Handwriting Database (ALTEC-OnDB) contains forms of handwritten Arabic text acquired on a Digimemo ACECAD. The forms are segmented to words, and 10 of data is segmented to characters level. It can be used to train and test Arabic online handwriting recognizers and to perform writer identification and verification experiments. The database was first published in at the Egyptian Society of Language Engineering conference, Cairo, December 2010.

Collected average 4 pages of every individual. Every page that contains on average 7 lines with sufficient breaks between the lines to automate the line segmentation process.
OCR Handwriting (Commercial 6000$- Academy 1000$)

Academic version contains the basic version of the databases, and the commercial version contains the full version of the databases.

Egyptian companies listed on the ITIDA and academia interested in the full version will enjoy 20% discount.

ALTEC members enjoy 10% discount.

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