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OCR Printed Database

1. We choose different 1500 page distributed among the books, magazines and newspapers; in terms of:

- Font type.

- Font size.

- Printing press that printed the book.

- Year in which the printed book.

- Country in which the printed book.

- Book subject.

- Diacrtized not.

2. Made 650 pages of word lists that are distributed between WINDOWS fonts and MAC
fonts, in different font sizes (10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20), and different thickness (BOLD /

3. The following files were Captured by cameras and mobile:

- 650 pages that represent word lists.

- 300 pages of the books (150 cameras and 150 mobile).

- 300 pages of Theses (150 cameras and 150 mobile).

4. We choose 1000 page of the theses in the Central Library, Cairo University, according to specifications following:

- Different topics.

- Different years.

- Different fonts.

5. Has been conducted the following tasks on all of the files with different resolutions mentioned above:

- Scan for all of the above-mentioned files accurately different (200-300-600).

- SEGMENTATION for all the previous files.

- Writing all the reference text for all the image files.

- ALLIGMENT for all these files.

6. We did LIGATURE SEGMENTATION to 10% of the previous files.

7- OCR Printed (Commercial 6000$- Academy 1000$)

Academic version contains the basic version of the databases, and the commercial version contains the full version of the databases.

Egyptian companies listed on the ITIDA and academia interested in the full version will enjoy 20% discount.

ALTEC members enjoy 10% discount.

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