Arabic Langauge Technology Center "ALTEC" 

Scope and Objectives


Work on the Arabic language and interlocutors in the class of languages of the world in terms of ease of use and ability to communicate with others, including contributing to the development of the region culturally, technically and culturally.


Hard work and planning techniques to develop the Arabic language to facilitate and expand its use to serve the purposes of development of each of the speakers in the world, through the development of a roadmap for the development of these technologies and seeking to compile and work ENVOC standard of reference for the development of technologies based on them with interest the technologies that connect between the different languages to communicate the importance of this with others and their impact on the development of Arabic speakers. As well as to be constructive cooperation with all individuals and research bodies, business and local and international working in the same area to save duplication of effort and investment of limited resources in the best location.


Foundation seeks to achieve the following objectives:
1 - Work to develop a road map both for the linguistic resources or techniques or applications required to achieve the mission of the Foundation, through the meetings and survey of specialists and scientific conferences.

2 - Development of human resources training and support sustained purposeful approaches in the relevant faculties. Through:
* Training, which aims to create unique services in the field of engineering the Arabic language.
* To seek degrees and professional by persuading deans so specialized and provide them with references and content and grades.

3 - Provision of language resources and platforms for researchers and developers as a resource reference and through the appointment of specialists to do make or buy ready-made institutions and companies that owned and made available at nominal cost to researchers and reasonable prices for companies.

4 - Seeking to stimulate the research community and developers put competitions based on linguistic resources of reference for the testing of any idea or new technology, as well as seeking to work a scientific and technical forums for networking and communication and transfer of expertise.

5 - Foundation seeks to provide the special attention of technical services for people with special needs through the development of technologies specifically designed to fit their needs.

6 - also seeks to facilitate the dissemination of learning the Arabic language especially for non-native speakers and by developing techniques of their own.

7 - Cooperation with the agencies and institutions and associations in support of the Arabic language for a better future.

8 - Cooperation with government agencies and non-governmental organizations and individuals for the implementation of the objectives after the previous approval of the competent authorities.


1 - booklets periodic and non-periodic for a message and the role and activities of the Foundation and joint efforts with government agencies and non-governmental and international organizations for the development of targeted sectors of the corporation's activities are distributed free to the public.

2 - the organization of promotional campaigns and promotional activities of the Foundation is to serve its objectives by means of audio and video after obtaining the necessary approval.

3 - To hold conferences and seminars that serve the purposes of the institution.

4 - Any other activities that contribute to achieving the desired goals, not conflicting with rules and regulations established by the administrative body.

5 - excursions - Hajj and Umrah for members.